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The Product Certificate of Conformity scope and requirements
Posted on April 03, 2022
The Product Certificate of Conformity scope and requirements

The Saudi Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC) is a certificate obligated by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) to ensure the products’ conformity to the Saudi standards of safety and quality as a part of the adjectives of the Saudi Product Safety Program “SALEEM”.


Products That Require Product Certificate of Conformity 


All regulated products prepared for sale in the kingdom markets are required to obtain the Products Certificate of Conformity. This is applied to both imported and locally manufactured products.

Additional certificates might be required depending on the technical regulations the product is subject to such as the Saudi Quality Mark, and the G Mark.

The non-regulated products don’t require issuing a PCoC, as the distributor declares the responsibility of their product conformity by issuing a Self-Conformity Declaration.


Requirements of Product Certificate of Conformity


A product can obtain a PCoC when it is proven t conform to the Saudi technical regulations and standards, the importer or manufacturer must provide a technical file including the documents and test reports that ensure that their products meet the requirements.

The technical file must include the following:

  • Risk assessment reports
  • Test reports (Type 1a) for medium-risk products, and (Type 3) or (Type 5) for high-risk products.
  • Quality certificates
  • Inspection report (Type 3) or (Type 5) for high-risk products.
  • Product photos 
  • Product design, dimensions.


What Are the Required Procedures to Obtain the PCoC?


The Product Certificate of Conformity is issued exclusively via Saber Electronic Platform, there is a process all beneficiaries must go through to issue the PCoC as follows:


First stage: register on Saber


The importer or manufacturer needs to create an account on Saber to have access to its services including the PCoC, then register the products and add the required documents.


The second stage: assign a conformity body 


Saber allows access to all conformity bodies approved by SASO to issue the Conformity Certificates so that the beneficiary chooses one of them according to the approval scope.

The conformity body reviews the documents, Carries out any required factory audits, inspections, sampling, or testing.


Third stage: PCoC issuance


The conformity body issues the Product Certificate of Conformity after reviewing all documents and grantees the product conformity.

In case of non-conformity, the conformity body shall guide the beneficiary to complete the requirements to obtain the certificate.


Fourth stage: SCoC issuance


If the product that obtained the Product Certificate of Conformity is imported it still can’t be cleared at the Saudi Customs unless it obtains the Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC).

The SCoC can also be obtained via Saber Electronic Platform, but it is different from the PCoC, as the first one is issued for a specific product category and valid for one year, while the second one is issued for a specific quantity of the product and expires once the shipment is cleared at the customs ports.

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