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Saudi Quality Mark (SQM)

What is the Saudi Quality Mark (SQM)?


The Saudi Quality Mark (SQM)is exclusively owned and granted by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO).
The system used in the management of the Saudi Quality Mark is based on the requirements of the International Standards (ISO/IEC 17065) concerned with the requirements of the bodies that grant certificates for products, operations, and services since the Saudi Quality Mark Department obtained the International Accreditation Certificate according to the requirements of ISO IEC 17065 2012 from the GCC Accreditation Center.
The Saudi Quality Mark License is valid for three years.

علامة الجودة السعودية

Saudi Quality Mark (SQM) Purpose

The Saudi Quality Mark is required to ensure that the product has been tested and made sure it conforms to Saudi standards and relevant technical regulations.
It is proof that the facility has effective quality control and assurance system to produce goods with the required quality that meets the standards.
The Saudi Quality Mark is an important means to guide the consumer towards commodities that meet the Saudi standards.

Saudi Quality Mark License Requirements

 IN order to acquire the Saudi Quality Mark License :

  • The product must conform to the relevant Saudi technical regulations.
  • The facility must apply a quality assurance system that conforms to the technical regulations concerned with the rules for granting the license in order to use the quality mark on products for each type of commodity.
  • The facility must commit to the technical conditions required to grant the quality mark.

Advantages of the Saudi Quality Mark

  • Enhances the reputation of the facility obtaining the Saudi Quality Mark locally, regionally, and internationally.
  • Ensures Free registration on Saber Electronic Platform once the product obtains the Saudi Quality Mark.
  • The product that obtains Saudi Quality Mark does not require obtaining any conformity certificate or other marks.
  • Ensures easy access of the products bearing the mark through the customs ports.
  • Qualifies facilities to win local and international quality awards.
  • Supporting the national economy, raising the competitiveness of Saudi products in the local and international markets.
  • Ensures customer satisfaction and confidence, and increases sales.
Saudi Quality Mark scope
Products that can obtain the Saudi Quality Mark are the following:
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Construction and
Building Products
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Registration Portal of the Saudi Quality Mark 

Manufacturers who wish to export their products to Saudi Arabia and require the Saudi Quality Mark are obligated to register their facility and apply through SASO’s jeem 1 portal.
SASO transfers the request to one of their approved bodies for carrying out the assessment process, and provides their recommendations for granting the Saudi Quality Mark License.

Tabseer Role in Granting the Saudi Quality Mark License

The Quality Mark is a common mark between the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) and the conformity assessment body.

Accordingly, Tabseer, as a conforming assessment body mandated to conform products to granting requirements, performs the following:

  • Receiving and studying the request submitted to the authority.
  • Reviewing the technical documents provided by the facility.
  • Recording cases of non-conformity, taking corrective action and making a recommendation for the conformity decision.
  • After ensuring that all procedures are implemented correctly, the documents are sent back to the authority for the final decision.
  • Communicating with the facility to receive the license certificate to use the Saudi Quality Mark.


Who Can Apply to Obtain the Saudi Quality Mark License?

Every facility that produces or distributes goods that comply with Saudi technical regulations and standards, and applies an approved quality assurance management system to produce goods, has the right to apply for the Saudi Quality Mark.

Conditions of use the Saudi Quality Mark :

  • The merchant has the right to label the Quality Mark on the products within the scope of the license.
  • The merchant has the right to refer to the Saudi Quality Mark in the product marketing documents.
  • The Quality Mark should be unerasable whether printed or labeled on the product.
  • In case there is no space for the Quality Mark or it can’t be labeled on the product, the facility should get back to the granting authority to get approval on the labeling place.
  • The Mark should be printed on the product to be identical to the official Mark form.
  • It shouldn’t be labeled on the correspondence of the facility.
  • The applicants can’t use the mark before or during the process of verifying their requests.
  • The facility can get back to the granting authority for official approval on the documents intended to label the mark.
  • Using the Quality Mark doesn’t mean -in any case- that the granting authority is legally responsible for the manufacturer, importer, or distributer.



Tabseer is an approved conforming assessment body. In addition, we own a professional experienced team and a worldwide network which enables us to provide an unparalleled service in the field of conformity assessment and issuing the required certificates of conformity.

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