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Food Certificate of Conformity registration

The Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA)

The Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) was established as a government independent entity that reports to the President of the Council of Ministers.
SFDA is responsible for regulating drugs and medical devices in the kingdom, in addition to biological and chemical substances, and electronic products.
The main role of SFDA is to ensure the safety, accuracy, and effectiveness of medical devices, as it has the authority to supervise the relative facilities and the various activities starting from manufacturing, importing, and registering the products within its scope.
SFDA is also responsible for setting and updating all the mandatory standards that regulate food and drug products, whether they are locally manufactured or imported to the kingdom, in addition to its main role regarding consumer awareness.

SFDA conformity assessment program

In line with the kingdom vision 2030 objectives, the SDFA aims to ensure the safety and quality of all products placed in the Saudi market, so the SFDA set its conformity assessment program to ensure that food products conform to the relative standards and the technical regulations.
All cosmetics and food products exported to Saudi Arabia must conform to SFDA technical regulations to obtain the certificate of conformity and then the shipments can be cleared and placed in the markets.

SFDA Food Certificate of Conformity

SFDA issues the food certificate of conformity for the products that comply with its safety, efficacy, and quality standards, as the company submits a file according to the SFDA registration requirements, and when it is approved the company receives a registration certificate.
All food production and distribution relative activities and facilities are also regulated by SFDA, and also required to obtain certificates, after applying for approvals, get inspected, and found to comply with the SFDA standards and regulations.

SFDA food Certificate of Conformity process

The importer must submit a request of certification and declaration of conformity.
Completing required technical documents.
Sampling and physical inspection process.
Testing report issued by an accredited laboratory for each shipment.
Conformity Assessment to the required standards and regulations.
Label review in accordance with SFDA requirements
Container loading supervision, then container sealing.
Conformity certificate issuance.
Requirements for receiving a Food File

SFDA food registration

SFDA product registration is a must to place food products in the Saudi market, the food registration is a tool for SFDA to take its responsibility in ensuring the safety, and quality of products.
All companies are required to obtain a SFDA registration approval which is a permission to sell the food products, it is also important to avoid any delays or obstacles during clearance at customs ports and placing the products in the market, as importers and manufacturers have to ensure the safety and quality of the food products at an early stage, so they can register their products SFDA electronic systems.

SFDA food registration requirements

The Saudi local distributors are responsible for applying to register the food products intended to be placed in the Saudi markets on SFDA electronic systems.

In case a foreign company works in the Saudi market without a local distributor, it has to register on SFDA through a licensed consultation office, and in case the foreign company is licensed through the Ministry of Investment and holds a commercial record, it can perform the SFDA registration as local companies.

The food registration process is easier than drugs and medical devices, but still, all of the product ingredients, label, manufacturer, the source must be conformed to SFDA regulations and GSO (GCC) standards.

Food Registration System (FIRS)

The Food Registration System (FIRS) is an Electronic system established and developed to provide a database for all establishments of imported or locally manufactured food products, which are registered and licensed to work in the kingdom.
The food registration system (FRCS) provides various types of applications for Food, Food Supplements, Feed Products, and Pesticides.

SFDA most prominent objectives

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Observing the safety, and quality of food and drugs for humans and animals.
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Setting the procedures required to regulate food and drug, in addition to setting plans to facilitate these procedures and continuously update them.
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Supervising all the activities related to food and drug production and distribution in the kingdom to control the non-conform products to the standards.
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Providing and exchanging information with local and international legal and scientific organizations, and establishing a database for food and drug.
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Conducting research and studies in this field to identify health problems that might be caused by food and drug products and set the methods of controlling the markets.
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Spreading consumer awareness and providing consulting services in the fields of food and drug.

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