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SABER adopts 60 thousand products suitable for import in Saudi Arabia
Posted on February 03, 2019
SABER adopts 60 thousand products suitable for import in Saudi Arabia

Commission revealed Saudi Standards, Metrology and quality that the number of businesses registered in the SABER platform electronic so far reached more than 5 thousand commercial establishment and a local factory, while the number of consumer products registered exceeded more than 60 thousand consumer product intended for import and sale within the Saudi market “Saudi market access .

The SABER platform was designed to facilitate conformity assessment procedures for consumer products before entering the Saudi market and to improve the quality of products on the market. SABER’s application has begun on products subject to the Gas Products and Accessories Regulations , And the rest of the technical regulations will follow in accordance with a timetable to be announced by the Commission.

The SABER system will contribute to reducing the cost of issuing product conformity certificates and speeding up the clearance procedures for registered products, indicating that the Saber platform is being linked with a clearing platform in cooperation with the General Customs Authority to reduce the period of clearance of shipments at customs outlets and Will contribute to speeding up procedures and reducing costs for commercial enterprises, such as: the cost of flooring in the outlets and the cost of testing local laboratories for imported products.

The specifications of the platform are classified according to the components and method of manufacturing, regardless of the colors, sizes and sizes of those products. The owners of enterprises can register their consumer products by product category in the Saber electronic platform and then complete the procedures to request certificates of conformity to them easily and easily.

The SABER platform, developed In partnership with a national company as an extension of the strategy of the Commission to automate and develop its business to serve both the commercial and investment sectors and to achieve the Vision 2030 and the National Transition 2020 Program.

Importers and manufacturers are invited to take advantage of the platform services at: http://saber.sa. Users can also inquire about the services offered by calling 920008673 or eCare@saber.sa.

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