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Official Report: 33% Percentage of non-conforming products in the Saudi market
Posted on April 03, 2019
Official Report: 33% Percentage of non-conforming products in the Saudi market

Statistics from the Saudi Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality showed Wednesday that the proportion of non-conforming products in the market reached 33.21%.
The agency said in a statement on Wednesday that it had purchased and tested 33,33 units representing 10,000 and 10 samples of a large number of targeted products, indicating that 66.79% of them were in accordance with the standards.
The chemicals and petroleum products sector topped the list with 75.02%, followed by the mechanical and metal sector with 71.66%, followed by electrical products with 69.67% and general materials at 68.89%. The textile sector was the same with 63.97%, and construction materials came in last place with 36.19%.
The Authority affirmed that the compliance index is one of the important indicators that the Authority works on to ensure safety in the Saudi market. It also gives a clear picture of the impact of the application of the technical regulations adopted in raising the level of safety. The indicator also helps to focus the relevant parties on the sources of weakness in the system. Market control and development to achieve the required level of safety. This comes within the activities of the Authority in the Saudi Program for Product Safety, which aims to raise the market’s product compliance to 80% by 2020.
She explained that the methodology of measuring the conformity index depends on the formation of a basket of consumer products targeted within the activities of the Authority, affecting the health and health of the consumer as well as impact on the environment, and the development of an annual plan for the free shopping of the purchase of units of the target products in the basket index, Laboratories or private laboratories according to the capacity of these laboratories, and provide the possibilities of testing, and then analyze the results and issuance of the index of conformity for each production sector and the general indicator of conformity in the Saudi market.
The Authority has previously announced the establishment of a specialized monitoring and warning center for unsafe products, which will monitor and warn of unsafe products through the development of a specialized electronic platform that will allow national government organs to notify and exchange information on consumer products, Which may cause harm to the health and safety of consumers, make recommendations for action, as well as seek to raise awareness among consumers about the risk of such products, early warning and monitoring of G internationally similar notification.


Source News: AJEL Newspaper

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