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Saudi Quality Mark (SQM)

The Saudi Quality Mark is required to ensure that the product has been tested and made sure it conforms to Saudi standards and relevant technical regulations.

It is proof that the facility has effective quality control and assurance system to produce goods with the required quality that meets the standards.

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Advantages of
the Saudi Quality Mark
Enhances the reputation of the facility obtaining the Saudi Quality Mark locally, regionally, and internationally.
Ensures Free registration on Saber Electronic Platform once the product obtains the Saudi Quality Mark.
The product that obtains Saudi Quality Mark does not require obtaining any conformity certificate or other marks.
Ensures easy access of the products bearing the mark through the customs ports.
Qualifies facilities to win local and international quality awards.
Supporting the national economy, raising the competitiveness of Saudi products in the local and international markets.
Ensures customer satisfaction and confidence, and increases sales.
Tabseer’s role in
Granting the Saudi Quality Mark
Tabseer as a notified body by SASO provides the conformity assessment services required for granting the Saudi Quality Mark including:
Receiving the application and reviewing the technical file provided by the facility.
Carrying out the technical study and factory visits
Recording cases of non-conformity, and taking corrective action.
Submitting the recommendation for granting the mark.
Communicating with the facility to receive the license to use the Saudi Quality Mark.