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Registration of (COC) Certificate of Conformity for Cosmetics

Confirmation and Registration of Cosmetic conformity certificate
Conformity and Registration Services for Cosmetic Products is a service through which a Cosmetic Product is Registered by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) to issue a certificate of conformity for this product.
Tabseer is registered with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) as the entity granting Conformity Certificates for cosmetics to speed up Customs Clearance Procedures.

The geographical area for granting Cosmetic conformity certificate
The geographical scope for granting permission for the Cosmetic Conformity Certificate from Tabseer includes the following:

United Arab Emirates UAE
Requirements for receiving Conformity for Cosmetics File

GHAD E-Platform

Ghad E-Platform, Is the new destination to apply for, renew, and register the Cosmetic Products License in Saudi Arabia.

With the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) announcing the commencement of new services in the unified electronic system (GHAD), all Saudi cosmetics importers and manufacturers will open a commercial account in the GHAD system as a requirement before April 2023.

And these services include:

Listing Cosmetic Products
Licensing Cosmetic Facilities (Factories, Warehouses)
Licensing Drug Stores

The authority stressed the need for establishments registered in the current electronic system (eCosma) to start entering the (Ghad) system as of its date and to create a new account to transfer account data to (Ghad) system once the linking process between the two platforms is completed. And also to take advantage of it. Among the services of issuing conformity certificates and clearance services through the unified electronic system.

Also, if you don’t have an existing account on eCosma, the Ghad E-Platform allows you to create a new account on Ghad E-Platfrom easily following the requirements.

How to register at the Unified System GHAD E-Platform?

Cosmetics imported or manufactured in Saudi Arabia’s registration process requires submitting the requirements through the GHAD E-Platform instead of the eCosma platform.

Ghad E-Platform provides a wide range of services such as:

Listing Cosmetic Products
Issuing Licenses for factories and warehouses for cosmetics

This program is mandatory for all Importing Companies that want to import cosmetics into Saudi Arabia.

The Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) monitors and verifies the safety of products traded in Saudi Arabia. Also, to list cosmetic products and develop the mechanism for that, in addition to developing the electronic listing system.

Companies shall register cosmetic products with the Food and Drug Authority (SFDA), as it is the regulatory body for cosmetics in Saudi Arabia. Imported or manufactured cosmetics are registered in Saudi Arabia by submitting registration requirements in the unified electronic system (Ghad platform), which enables companies to register products and cosmetic factories.

Requirements for getting a Cosmetics Conformity Certificate

The importer must have a commercial account on the Saudi Food and Drug Authority website and register the product on the Ghad platform.
The importer must have a valid commercial registry, including a cosmetic activity registered on the website.
To write an Authorization letter to the company.
To have an Authorized Person.
The cosmetic product must meet the requirements and regulations of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.
A copy of the Commercial Registration of the Exporting Factory.
A copy of the Industrial Registration of the Exporting Factory and its Conformity with the basics of good manufacturing (GMP) and the Location of the Manufacturer.
A list of ingredients and concentrations used for the product and a picture of the product from all sides, showing usage, storage conditions, and safety precautions in Arabic and/or any other foreign Languages.
The request number for issuing a certificate of compliance on the electronic system of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority on the Faseh platform.
Customs code. (HS code)
Packing List for Quantity and Type of Products.
Commercial invoice.
A Lab report from accredited Laboratory according to ISO 17025 for cosmetic products according to the Saudi Food and Drug Authority regulations.
Pre-shipment inspection report (PSI).
Request to issue a certificate of conformity.
The shipping method, port of shipping, and port of arriving.
Bill of lading (BOL).


Steps for Launching a Cosmetics Conformity Certificate

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Fill out the certificate application and declaration of conformity for the importer or exporter through Tabseer Company.
image 2
Reviewing the request submitted by the exporter or importer by the Tabseer team.
image 3
Ensure the availability of all required documents for the requested certificate and their compatibility with the import regulations of the Food and Drug General Authority.
image 4
Test and check required samples.
image 5
Providing product listing numbers on the Food and Drug Authority website (Ghad & ecosma website)
image 6
Submitting a request for conformity through the FASEH platform.
image 7
Issuance of the certificate.

In Tabseer we will help you with our worldwide network and partners to ensure compliance with SFDA technical regulations and GSO standards, to obtain the SFDA certificate of conformity, and get an easy clearance of your shipments at customs ports.

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