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The importance of the Gmark
نشر في فبراير 12, 2021
The importance of the Gmark

What is the Gulf Conformity Mark (G-mark)?

The Gulf Conformity Mark (Gmark) is one of the ways and means adopted by the Board of Directors of the Gulf Cooperation Council Standardization Organization (GSO) to facilitate the free movement of goods across the borders of the Gulf Cooperation Council states, and to limit the circulation of adulterated consumer goods, as it indicates the conformity of products to the basic health, safety and environmental requirements.

Affixing the Gulf Conformity Mark (G-mark) has become binding on product categories for which Gulf technical regulations have been issued to verify conformity (such as toys and low-voltage electrical appliances); the Gulf technical regulations specify the conformity verification procedures, implemented whether by the manufacturer or the accepted bodies as a third party, that are referred to in the regulations concerned with each category of product.

What you should know about the G-mark

  • The Gulf Conformity Mark (G-mark) is an acknowledgment that manufacturers meet all requirements of the product’s technical regulations, and that the product complies with these regulations and with safety, public health, and consumer protection requirements … etc.
  • Any product covered by the Gulf technical regulations must bear the Gulf Conformity Mark (G-mark) to be cleared to the Gulf market.
  • The Gulf Conformity Mark (G-mark) should be applied in the form and proportions shown in the regulations.
  • The Gulf Conformity Mark (G-mark) must be affixed clearly, legibly, permanently and can’t be removed.
  • The Gulf Conformity Mark (G-mark) must be affixed on the product or on its panel, and if this is not possible due to the nature of the product, it should be affixed on the packaging if any or on the accompanying documents in accordance with what is mentioned in the relevant regulations in this regard.
  • The Gulf Conformity Mark (G-mark) must be attached to the identification number of the accepted body.
  • The Gulf Conformity Mark (G-mark) must be affixed by the manufacturer, his agent or legal representative in the Gulf market and it can also be affixed by the person responsible for displaying the product in the Gulf market if it is mentioned in the Gulf technical regulations.

Benefits of having a Gulf Conformity Mark (G-mark)

  • Protecting consumers from counterfeit goods and ensuring their safety against the dangers of using non-conforming products.
  • Ease of consumer access to goods complying with Saudi standards, through the mark.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Urging producers and manufacturers to develop and improve products.
  • Streamlining entry of goods through customs and speeding up their circulation.
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